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Taught by Sommeliers and wine professionals in the Colorado Wine Community, we explore topics ranging from Pinot Noir to biodynamic farming, to food pairing to pairing wines with different forms of BDSM (yes, that kind of BDSM).
If you want to take your wine education up a level, we recommend signing up for Flight Club - an interactive community membership that comes with incredible benefits.


Due to COVID-19 Operational Restrictions, all in-house classes have been temporarily suspended. We have taken the mission to a virtual platform and online courses are available HERE


The People

Scott Mattson

Best thing I've put in my mouth in the last year (liquid):
2006 Rivetto Lirano Soprano Barbera d’Alba. It was absolutely beautiful - the centerpiece of a New Year’s Day dinner with my wife in a cabin in the mountains - a magic wine, magic night.

Best thing I've put it my mouth in the last year (solid):
Easy Answer: Lamb Ribs with red pepper jam at Coop’s Place in New Orleans… f’ing glorious

Spirit grape:
Nebbiolo. Complex, assertive, reflective of the dirt it’s grown in and it has real swagger and chutzpah - it demands that you pay attention, then it charms you. It’s the Sinatra of wine grapes.

what would ya say...ya do here?
I stand across the bar from you, popping corks and guiding juice into your glass because I want you FALL IN LOVE with “analog” wines, or as we refer to them here at Noble Riot, honest wines. Like the slabs of vinyl that I’m pulling metaphor from, these wines have more warmth, character and vibe than their sterile digital siblings. They are the world's finest agricultural product and I can't help but be an evangelist for these wines and their producers.

Troy Bowen

Best thing I've put in my mouth in the last year (liquid):
2008 Pierre Peters Chetillons, drinking from the bottle at a hillside picnic my last day in Umbria.

Best thing I've put it my mouth in the last year (solid):
The Pita from Safta? The bone marrow custard from Morin? Or maybe any of the multiple burgers from My Brother's Bar after midnight.

Spirit grape:
There's a Chenin Blanc grape cluster on my left shoulder and a Gamay cluster on the right, like an angel & a devil. Chenin gives me good ideas, Gamay helps me stay a little evil.

what would ya say...ya do here?
Making sure all my guests are ready to drink through the wine apocalypse

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